About Us

Improving Mental Health & Wellness

“Far From Alone” is a campaign that brings together partners committed to improving the mental health and wellness of others by increasing social connectedness. In collaboration with a collective of partners, “Far From Alone” will promote resources that increase social connectedness and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Serving A Diverse Audience

Loneliness does not discriminate. People of all ages, genders and walks of life can feel lonely. Men, women and children can experience loneliness. Teenagers and college students cope with feelings of isolation even when surrounded by others. Seniors and retirees can desire greater social connectedness. The employed and unemployed can be reluctant to admit their feelings of loneliness because of the stigma around mental wellness. “Far From Alone” and committed partners, like Meals On Wheels and NAMI, are joining forces to serve a diverse audience and address the epidemic of loneliness.

Making A Positive Impact

Read stories and tips from everyday people about how they cope with feelings of loneliness. From helpful lists and suggestions that can be implemented today and enhance mental wellness to research studies and white papers that educate, “Far From Alone” is an online destination to offer support and encouragement for those who are experiencing loneliness or know of people struggling with feelings of isolation.

The first step in getting people the help they need to reduce chronic feelings of loneliness is to remove the stigma around admitting you feel lonely.

But we cannot do it alone.

“Far From Alone” is building a community and, consequently, driving more conversations that create greater comfort in talking about feelings of loneliness, helping to better identify the root causes and key issues that get to the core of the challenges many people face today.

Now that COVID-19 has exposed loneliness as a rising issue that so many people face daily, we have a unique opportunity to normalize this issue, raise awareness about its negative health consequences, and leverage existing resources to help our loved ones increase their social connectedness.

Together with our partners, our campaign drives awareness, action, and advocacy designed to increase a person’s social connectedness.


Leverage a global cultural moment (when loneliness and isolation is top-of-mind) to raise awareness of the issue and its negative consequences on health, along with organizations that are making strides to help.



Serve as a central hub that highlights partners and information that help consumers and their loved ones increase their social connectedness as a way of reducing feelings of loneliness and social isolation.



Partner with diverse stakeholders to advocate for social connectedness and influence policy change that reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation, demonstrating the powerful impact of health-related social needs.

Together, let’s take action and demonstrate our support to further remind each other that we are far from alone. If your organization has a vested interest or story to tell in helping people feel #farfromalone, we encourage you to join us.

Contact partner@farfromalone.com for more information on partnering with us.

Partner with us.