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Institute on Aging’s Friendship Line

Accredited for people age 60 and older and age 18+ who are differently abled.

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Call this toll-free line for a friendly conversation and the caring ear of a trained team member. Available M-F, 7 a.m.-midnight ET

For all adults 60 and older and 18+ who are differently-abled

In partnership with the Coalition to End Social Isolation & Loneliness, Far from Alone hopes to increase the public’s awareness of the power of human connections to help address loneliness, and to partner with a diverse group of stakeholders who advocate for policy change that creates greater opportunities for social connectedness.
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Loneliness and isolation can happen to anyone,
anywhere, at anytime – even to astronauts.

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David Carl Hilmers, M.D.
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Nicole Stott, M.S.
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Emmanuel Urquieta
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Cady Coleman, Ph.D.
Three astronauts and two scientists joined USA Today’s Storytellers Project – sponsored by Humana – and shared their first-hand experiences about fighting loneliness and creating connection – even from space.

Some people stay connected with friends and loved ones, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. But for many others, staying socially connected is more challenging during times of quarantining and social distancing.

While the situation for some will improve as the Coronavirus recedes, others have felt loneliness long before the pandemic began.

With the resources and tips offered here, you or your loved one can find social connection, even when alone.

Be part of a community, and be #FarFromAlone.