Wisdo is an AI-driven social health and intervention platform that reduces the impact of loneliness and social isolation on mental and physical health. More than 1 million users have joined Wisdo, making it one of the largest social health platforms on the market. On Wisdo, we use AI to map users’ life experiences and social determinants of health and then proactively match them with peers who share similar life experiences and with certified life coaches and point solutions that steer them towards better health.


Research shows that loneliness and social isolation have a devastating impact on mental and physical well-being, patient engagement, motivation for self-care, and medical costs. Peer support is an evidence-based approach to reduce loneliness especially when it is provided by peers with shared life experiences. We believe that a scalable, evidence-based, and highly engaging platform such as Wisdo can have significant impact on the health and wellness of people of all ages.

Our Commitment.

Over 1 million people have joined Wisdo to date. Eliminating the impact of loneliness and social isolation on health is our sole mission as a company. Over the past year, we have also worked with leading payers (e.g., Humana) and employers to offer Wisdo as part of their solutions to their members. We are excited about the future.

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