At Twill, we give you access to digital tools that support both your mental and physical health. Through Twill Care, our free community app and website, you can manage your care journey with the support of peers and medical experts. Plus, you get personalized tools and content to help you along the way. We currently have communities for people navigating chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and psoriasis; for life stages, such as pregnancy and midlife; and for those looking to take care of their overall well-being.

The Opportunity.

At Twill, we know that living with a chronic condition, mental health concern, or life transition can feel lonely. Isolation is common but can negatively affect health and well-being. Our Twill Care app was designed to help you feel more connected and supported along your journey in a variety of ways. Here’s what you can do:

Connect with Other People Like You

You don’t have to face health concerns or a new life phase alone. When you join a Twill Care community, you’ll connect with people who understand the challenges you’re experiencing.

Find Support

Ask questions, swap advice, and learn what works for others—wherever you are. Board-certified healthcare professionals post directly in the community and respond to questions, giving you information and insights that may help you handle your health and wellness concerns.

Stay Informed

Twill Care’s informative, science-based content helps you understand health and well-being concerns, and discover tips and tricks to help you feel your best. Commonly covered topics include how to combat loneliness, insight on navigating relationships, and ways to build a support network.

Build Healthy Habits in Twill Care for Well-Being

Our well-being community offers support and self-care strategies to help you relieve stress, sleep better, lift your mood, and handle anxious feelings, all while connecting to a supportive, empathetic group of peers.
Our Commitment: We’re committed to building vibrant, engaging communities that support people in caring for their health and well-being by providing connection, access to experts, and personalized content and tools.

With Twill Care, you’ll have your community at your fingertips. Log in any time, from anywhere, without common barriers that can make it difficult to connect with others.

So far, we’ve connected more than 150,000 users across five communities, helping individuals build relationships with others who understand what they’re going through, and providing invaluable support.

We plan to continue to grow our communities and create content that helps people build and deepen connections. At Twill Care, we’re in this together.

User Testimonials.

“I love this app and have found it so helpful. It’s quite addicting to hear others’ stories and feel like you’re not alone.”

“Glad I found this app and have so many people I can be open with about issues. They know the struggles I face, and don’t judge me or say ‘I’m so sorry’ all the time. We’re in this together!”

“It is awesome to be a part of something where other people know my pain and suffering and are actually paying the love and care forward!”

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