“A Personal Loneliness Assessment Tool and 9 Actions to Strengthen Your Connections in Life or at Work”

“The Significance of Loneliness:
If you experience loneliness, you are not alone. A colossal 72% of global workers feel lonely at least monthly; with
55% saying they feel lonely weekly. The impact of loneliness is stark. Loneliness shaves 15 years off of a person’s life, an eye-opening statistic that should motivate all of us – from individuals to business leaders to policy makers – to address the issue.
In the workplace, employee productivity, loyalty, collaboration, and engagement all decrease when employees are
lonely. Reducing isolation is critical for the health of our mind, body, and communities.

Loneliness isn’t shameful. It’s a signal. A signal that we need each other. When you experience loneliness, that means your brain works. Your brain is serving up a reminder that you need community because humans are wired to be social relational beings.”

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