senior woman washing produce

“COVID-19 has left no population untouched, and it is perhaps our seniors who have been disproportionately hit the hardest. They face a much higher risk of illness and even death, which is exacerbated by increased social isolation and loneliness created from social distancing. 

At the same time, few industries have been hit harder than hospitality and tourism. Activity came to a virtual halt when the pandemic hit and, for Hilton, this decline translated to a difficult and unprecedented operating business environment. Watching this unfold, Hilton wanted to do something to help alleviate the suffering that so many were experiencing. So, they reached out to Meals on Wheels America.

The result was a partnership that deployed Hilton’s call center technology and staff, eager to volunteer their time, to place weekly phone calls to hundreds of Meals on Wheels of Arlington, Virginia’s senior clients sheltering at home and alone. During these weekly calls, volunteers ask seniors if they have the food and supplies they need and how they are feeling and exchange friendly conversation. Mr. Morris is one of the Meals on Wheels clients fortunate enough to be on the other end of those calls.”

Find out more about Mr. Morris’s experience with social isolation and how Meals on Wheels was able to help HERE.

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