“It’s 2022, and we’re still trying to figure out who is checking in on America’s most vulnerable older adults at home.  

Take this story for example. 

Your Mom, Adira, is 83 and living alone for the first time in 45 years. Dad died a few months ago, and they counted on each other for everything. You live across the country, and pandemic travel restrictions have kept you away. You’ve noticed that her jolly disposition is declining as fast as her health. Arthritis and memory loss is getting worse, and you can see the detrimental impact loneliness is having on her mental well-being. Transportation to medical appointments has been halted, and the only people who call her are scammers; which makes it harder to trust anyone. Her social and medical needs aren’t being met, and she’s desperate to hear from somebody who cares. 

That’s where Blooming Health (BH) comes in. We created a tool to connect older adults at home, like Adira, to communities that care.


Our HIPAA-compliant communication system links older adults at home to trusted community-based organizations (CBOs) that can check in on individuals like Adira, daily. CBOs can also provide culturally sensitive services to older adults, including in their own language, which makes older adults feel heard and safe. As Greg Olsen, Acting Director of the NY State Office for the Aging puts it, “CBOs are like the family older adults need.”

By using BH’s solution, CBOs can continuously and seamlessly communicate through text, phone calls, or email messages. CBOs use the BH solution to send a personalized, direct message to individuals who need immediate attention; the kind of personal attention Adira, and so many more like her, deserve and are waiting to receive. Check out our product video here.” 

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