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“It’s normal to be nervous about your first post-vaccine hangout with a friend, an expert says.

I’ve been wanting to take my friend to my favorite tea shop for what seems like forever. Ever since we had to switch from having our tea in-person to sipping over video calls during the pandemic, I’ve been looking forward to having a reunion at “Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party.”

It has been a tough year for both of us. I’m trying to stay optimistic that we can find a way to celebrate and that the reunion isn’t just a solemn reminder of all the in-person tea outings we’ve missed out on.

I’m hoping she likes the place since she’s never been before. While she loves fruity herbal teas and I’m more a fan of black teas, I know we’ll each be able to find something we like within the book-lined walls.

If we want to sit outdoors, I know there is a space at the back of the shop, but there isn’t room for many people if we are social distancing. I’ve always ordered one pot of tea for two people and shared — is sharing even an option anymore?”

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Source: CNN Health.

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