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The shorter, darker days of the winter months can make anyone feel lonely. Combine that with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it can be even more difficult to feel connected to the world. But it’s more important than ever to find ways to connect…and to speak out about our loneliness too.

Andrew Renda, Associate VP, Population Health Strategy Bold Goal at Humana, and Ellie Hollander, President & CEO, Meals on Wheels America, recently shared some important information to help people remember they are “Far From Alone.”

Tips to Feel Less Lonely in the Winter Months (and Beyond):

  1. Stay mentally and physically active. You can go for a walk, sign-up for an online stretch or join a virtual exercise class like SilverSneakers.
  2. Have a “virtual dinner date” with family or friends and have meals together—or watch a favorite TV show together—at the same time. You can also invite friends to participate in a virtual book club.
  3. Check in on someone—a neighbor, a loved one, a friend, someone with whom you have lost touch. 
  4. Become an advocate, a pen-pal, a volunteer.
  5. Adopt or foster a pet. 
  6. Use Nextdoor.com to literally connect with people in your neighborhood who can help you with errands, provide recommendations on businesses and services and more 
  7. Learn a new hobby such as, yoga, daily meditation, or a new language through free mobile apps, or take a virtual class on cooking, join trivia challenges and more through Humana Neighborhood Centers (open to everyone)
  8. Remember that loneliness and social isolation knows no bounds—regardless of age—but it is worse for our senior population. 
  9. Remember, you are not alone. 
  10. For more resources and ideas, check out FarfromAlone.com.

View additional resources from Humana here

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