Social Health Labs


Our mission is to improve health through human connection. Social Health Labs collaborates with cross-sector partners on local, state, and national initiatives that aim to reduce loneliness and improve social well-being, including publications, programs, products, campaigns, and events.
social health labs


We define social health as the dimension of well-being that comes from connection and community. Decades of research have shown that strong relationships contribute to greater happiness, better health outcomes, and longer lifespans. Yet many people experience isolation and loneliness on a regular basis. With a spirit of experimentation and commitment to community, we are working to make social health a priority in our society.

Our Commitment.

We are committed to catalyzing connection, sharing and implementing research insights, and supporting community builders nationwide. One way we do this is through our monthly microgrant program: each month, we award $1,000 to a project that aims to strengthen relationships in a given neighborhood. Be sure to follow along and reach out if you are interested in collaborating!