Reema transforms how people navigate the gaps between health care and social care through technology and Guides from the communities we serve.

Through our advanced technology platform, we predict and identify the needs of your members. We know how to engage the most challenging members through text messaging, phone calls, and home visits.

Each member engagement is facilitated by one of Reema’s Guides, people from the community who have shared identity.


At Reema Health, we’ve built a personalized, community-based approach to care that makes it easier for anyone to access the things they need to make their lives better. Because the systems built to help are often a burden to navigate, we believe establishing a relationship with a real person from the community can ease those burdens, reduce social isolation, and transform lives.

Combining public data with our proprietary engagement data, Reema’s data engine anticipates which members may become high-risk. Our Guides use that data to strategically intervene and head off costly care by engaging the unengaged in the right way and over time to change lives and improve outcomes. Each interaction modifies the model for ongoing improvement.

Empowered by our powerful data models, our Guides have an incredible track record for engaging members, especially those who have never been engaged before. Of those we engage, 9 out of 10 initiate a telehealth program, begin a relationship with their PCP or mental health professional, or begin closing gaps in social care within three weeks. The result? Dramatically better health outcomes.

Our Commitment.

Reema’s commitment to improving the wellbeing of those we serve shows up in the work we do every day to engage unreachable members, identify their needs, and connect them with resources to improve their health.


Our results to date include:
60-80% engagement rate
29% fewer inpatient hospitalizations
2.8x improvement to medication assessment scores
1.7x more likely to schedule and attend their annual PCP visit

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