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Pyx Health works with healthcare organizations to provide 24/7 companionship and support for members via a smart and engaging mobile platform and compassionate call center that addresses the devastating health outcomes and harmful social impact caused by loneliness and social isolation.

The empathic technology is an endearing chatbot, Pyxir, who walks alongside users in their health care journey. Pyxir promotes healthy interaction within the platform by building trusted companionship. He checks in, encourages self-management to help with loneliness, stress, anxiety, and healthy habits, and tells funny jokes (well, more like dad-jokes, but they are funny). He also uncovers [1]Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) needs and helps members navigate their health plan and community resources. When a need is expressed – they are hungry because they can’t afford food, worried about their housing situation and childcare, or feeling alone and isolated – real, caring humans at Pyx Health’s compassionate support center will reach out directly to the member to offer assistance and keep their care team in the loop.



Founder and CEO Cindy Jordan[1], a successful healthcare IT entrepreneur, was moved to create Pyx Health after she saw a family member’s physical and mental health decline rapidly from stable to high-risk in less than a year. In the process of caring for her loved one, Cindy learned about gaps in healthcare and saw how loneliness and social isolation remained the largest impetus for a decline in health, particularly among more vulnerable populations, like Medicaid and Medicare members. The Pyx Health solution has been designed to serve these vulnerable populations historically forgotten by technology and at risk for the negative effects of loneliness and social isolation.

Loneliness contributes to a wide range of conditions, including dementia, heart disease and stroke. It can take its toll on all ages, including, but not limited to the elderly, pregnant and new moms and even young people, who are showing to be affected at increasingly higher rates. Add in socioeconomic challenges and the risk is even greater.

Connecting and being there for a person when loneliness has a propensity to affect their greater health is what Pyx Health strives for. Simply put: Reduce a member’s loneliness and improve their health outcomes.


Our Commitment.

Pyx Health’s vision is to tackle loneliness, when it matters most, for everyone who needs it. We

believe that loneliness and social isolation should be viewed as a treatable, billable medical condition. The pursuit of a diagnostic code that would facilitate the delivery of vital services to those affected by these serious issues is our big audacious goal, and we are advocating for state and national legislation and policy reform to affect this.

Technology must be part of the solution to the loneliness crisis: It enables detection of suffering earlier than traditionally available, provides a way to interact at the moment of need, supports intervention outside of the care setting, and is scalable.  It also supports the collection of data that holds up to scientific rigor to strengthen the work of every organization committed to battling loneliness and social isolation. As Pyx Health grows, our organization’s focus will continue to be on using our technology platform to lessen the suffering of the lonely and socially isolated, and to collect, analyze and distribute data in support of understanding the problem and solutions for this crisis.

From our inception Pyx Health vowed to wage a war on loneliness. By serving our forward-thinking clients and their thousands of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage members across the country, we are using our platform and resources to improve outcomes for individuals[1], but also to work towards broad healthcare industry transformation on the subject of loneliness and isolation.


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