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Our goal is human connection. We want to collectively create impact and affect change, one learner at a time.


The American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare established the 12 Grand Challenges for Social Work as a call to action to the profession. One of the challenges, Eradicating Social Isolation, raises the urgency for researchers and practitioners to address the significant societal issue of isolation. The solution focus of this grand challenge is to “promote effective ways to deepen social connections and community for people of all ages” (Lubben, Gironda, Sabbath, Kong and Johnson, 2015). Social connectedness is on a decline and lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure (Seppala, 2014). Social isolation as a working definition includes the multidimensional social construct of connectedness and belonging to persons, places, or things (Biordi and Nicholson). Social isolation is the disconnection from one’s network or a loss of connection. Veterans and their families are a population of interest for reducing isolation and the associated health risks. Unique challenges of the military lifestyle create increased risk factors for the veteran community.

Our Commitment.

We believe education and training equates to transformation. This transformation starts with humility, runs on awareness, and results in genuine connection. That’s why we’re committed to powering your organization’s learning journey. Aside from PsychArmor’s “Isolation and Loneliness” course available at www.psycharmor.org, to address the social isolation experienced by Veterans and their families this past year, PsychArmor built the Pandemic Stress First Aid Education for Military Caregivers Program to assist the Caregiver community in managing pandemic-related stress, to teach healthy coping methods, and to deepen social support and empower Caregivers to seek additional resources. The program is a multi-component program that used the train-the-trainer model to develop resilience skills, implement a virtual educational workshop series, and offered a Caregiver learning community forum to facilitate online support and discussions among Caregivers.