LifeBio captures life stories and personalizes engagement. Our LifeBio Memory app records the VOICE of the most amazing people. MyHello is our loneliness intervention that uses ANY type of phone. We can match people with interests in common for weekly auto-calls or people can speak with MyHello Guides each week. MyHello is a care management program that helps people experiencing loneliness or those at most risk of depression (for LTSS, V-BID, MedAdvantage, etc.) LifeBio serves a global market but primarily works with health care organizations and health plans in the US and Canada.


LifeBio is fascinated by the stories of older people and really all people. We know that the stories of people tell us so much. It emerged from LifeBio that we needed to morph into providing loneliness interventions and that is why MyHello was born. We serve multiple health plans in seven states at this time, and we are gearing up for huge growth in 2022 and beyond. We also know that we must bring youth and older adults together in any way possible.

Our Commitment.

Since the beginning, where Beth Sanders recorded her own grandmother’s story, we have always believed in the mission of capturing life stories for better health. We love the opportunity to use tech-powered phone visits for ALL ages for intergenerational opportunities. We also love that Far From Alone is doing more IN PERSON events because we could help connect people through life story work in Louisville or in any market. If there is a venue, we have a life story recording app that can quickly help build new relationships…and that new friendship could continue in that market!

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