Klaatch has developed the Social Quotient, the first holistic measure of individual and community social connection that finally provides the information you need to increase social connection, reduce loneliness, and improve performance.
But it’s not just about data… We then help you to identify programs and initiatives that work well and those that need fixing.
We collaborate with you to help the socially disconnected—those on the “outside”— and provide opportunities to bring them back into your community.


21% increase in social connection We helped a social services provider improve programming that resulted in a 21% increase in social connection over 12 weeks. 14.1% lower social connection discovered in one older adult community, we identified a 14.1% lower social connection among men and a lack of specific programming for men. A unique Men’s Shed Program is now in development.

$350,000 saved in one building of a two-building community, we identified the 9.8% of residents at High Risk for loneliness and social disconnection. In collaboration with the Resident Services Coordinators, we developed a personalized re-engagement program. According to the Klaatch ROI calculator, the community is projected to save $350,000.

Our Commitment.

We’re mavericks in measuring social connection at the individual and community levels to drive engagement and elevate the quality of lives