As the provider of the leading engagement and social connection platform for seniors, iN2L has been enriching the lives of older adults since 1999. A critical part of the experience in more than 3,700 nursing homes, assisted and independent living communities, CCRCs, life plan communities, memory care settings, adult day programs, and most recently, older adults living at home, iN2L creates possibilities, enjoyment, and connection for hundreds of thousands of seniors. iN2L’s expansive content library promotes wellness, empowerment, and engagement among older adults and is the foundation for activities that facilitate social interaction, cognitive and physical exercise and therapy, education, reminiscing, areas of interest, and memory support engagement.

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Loneliness and social isolation are personal and public health threats affecting our nation’s large population of older adults. This includes senior living communities, a setting where many did not fully realize the extent of these issues until recently. Research from iN2L confirms that, despite the communal setting, nearly 40% of older adults residing in senior living communities were often or always lonely, even before the pandemic. Perhaps most alarming is that during the pandemic, the number of residents who reported always feeling lonely increased by 230%. Opportunities for connection and engagement are the foundation of iN2L’s purpose-built solution designed specifically for seniors, and the fundamental building blocks to reducing loneliness and improving health and wellness. We know that by involving older adults in meaningful experiences and connecting them to others, we create higher levels of camaraderie and engagement, as well as a greater sense of purpose, all elements that are critical to overall health and quality of life, as well as decreasing overall healthcare costs. According to AARP, Medicare spends an additional $134 per month ($1608 annually) for socially isolated older adults, a cost equivalent to that of some chronic conditions. Additionally, LeadingAge cites that older adults with depression, a condition correlated with loneliness and isolation, incur medical costs that are 50% higher than those without depression.

Our Commitment.

iN2L’s company mission states that “We exist to enrich lives through meaningful connection”. Since 1999, we have been focused on connecting older adults – with their interests and passions as well as with each other, their caregivers and family members – by providing interactive content that enables experiences, conversations, memories, learning and fun. Our solution is strategically designed as a non-clinical intervention that offers valuable engagement and social connection opportunities and, in turn, improves health and well-being. In the spirit of continuing to extend our capabilities to enable social connection, we proudly participate in Project VITAL, a partnership between the Alzheimer’s Association and the Florida Department of Elder Affairs aimed at keeping seniors connected with their loved ones during the pandemic. Through multiple phases of the project, our senior-friendly and purpose-built iN2L tablets have been distributed to FL nursing homes, assisted living communities, and those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia and their family caregivers in the home. Additionally, our partnership with Broward County AAA provides our iN2L tablets as critical engagement and connection tools to individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia and their caregivers as well as independent older adults living at home. Backed by market research, and further supported by several studies and pilot efforts, we are excited to soon bring to market an end-to-end social connection solution that delivers on the promise of facilitating camaraderie, increasing engagement, providing purpose, decreasing feelings of anxiety and depression, and lessening loneliness for older adults.

“Bridging the Loneliness Gap” Market Report

iN2L’s recent research report on loneliness examines key perceptions of connection and engagement from senior living residents, decision-making family members, and community leaders.