We’re here to help reinforce healthy habits you can bring into your everyday life. Make your health a priority by learning and connecting with others at the Humana Neighborhood Center—a community that is open to everyone.


Our Neighborhood Centers are a great place to join up with friends, take a class, and more online, in-person or both. You don’t need to be a Humana member to participate! Start by watching online classes like cooking demos, crafts, meditation, etc. Then, check out our calendar to RSVP for upcoming events, browse our video library to see previous classes, and create an account to get a personalized experience of each one.

Our Commitment.

  1. Participation in Global Loneliness Awareness Week: Create and host events/content focused on combating social isolation.
  2. Health Educator 1x1s: Identify those impacted by social isolation and connect individuals to community resources to find local places that can assist with food, housing or transportation.
  3. Regular programming (including but not limited to): Isolation busters; Building relationships after retirement
  4. Humana News articles highlighting impact of our associates to our members

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