The Help Us Grow (H.U.G.) Foundation provides a FREE & engaging reading intervention, character development, and leadership program that enables students to grow into self sustaining learners. H.U.G. promotes social and educational equality allowing them to BE THE DIFFERENCE™ in their communities.    


We offer a easy seamless entry to BE THE DIFFERENCE™ in each community.  The onboarding into the H.U.G. team encourages a  multicultural and multigenerational human experience for everyone: elementary and college and retired people.   We are a collaborative community that help grows college students with internships and offers the retired people a purpose and passion to add value to their community.  

Our Commitment.

 We help people who feel isolated take action to help lift literacy. Help US Grow Foundation gives people a method to become involved a reason to be together with like minded people.   We have created a positive purposeful easy virtual method.  We have 200 students waiting to be paired with a HUG/tutor or mentor. 

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