The mission behind GoNoodle® is simple: be a force of joy, health, and self-discovery for kids and the adults who love them. We power the good energy of kids where they are today: online, IRL at schools and home, and in the metaverse and beyond grounding them in the joy of being silly, mindful, and curious.We are content creators with unique distribution and unrivaled use in the classroom.Who we are by the numbers (school year 2020-2021);95% usage in US public elementary schools25.5M unique classroom students1.2M active teacher accounts350M video plays7.4M active family accounts5.3B activity minutes1.3M game downloads


The modern kid and the modern parent are different from prior generations and there will be incredible opportunities for companies like ours to develop an array of new solutions to help everyone flourish in this new world order.This is where GoNoodle lives. We will power the good energy of kids where they are today: online, at play in the metaverse and IRL, rooted in technology, globally diverse and naturally connected to the joy of being silly and free of self-doubt. We bring forward the best of everything being done to help grown-ups realize their best-selves and distill it down for kids to realize their full potential and we unapologetically deliver it to them through the mediums, formats and platforms kids love.

Our Commitment.

GoNoodle was created to fill in the fault lines of our educational & early childhood developmental system but it has become our higher calling to help provide a solutions to the problems that others can’t find ways to solve and to help teachers, parents, healthcare providers, and everyone interested in helping kids grow to make this shift to a screen-centered childhood a positive one.Social and Emotional learning has always been a part of our creative approach. We have partnered with organizations including No Kid Hungry and On Our Sleeves to create custom resources to help support kids in the classroom and at home.

Every feeling is special and wants to be felt. Let’s feel all the feels together!

Are you ready to chef it up? Sparkle and Chef King serve up healthy, baked chicken and sweet potato fries and discuss family traditions.

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