Look inward. Share outward. Feel connected. Daily Haloha is a simple and uplifting daily routine, wrapped in a charming little app. It’s like breathing, but with empathy as the oxygen.

Daily Haloha presents 1 thought-provoking question to the world each day. Participants reflect on the question, swap responses anonymously with someone else around the world, and then discover what everyone is thinking and feeling that day. Me, me and you, and all of us.

Unlike social media, which can make us feel like we are competing for attention and constantly compared, Daily Haloha is judgment and popularity-free. Everyone is welcome and everyone belongs, because we are all part of the big human story.


Connection and belonging are essential to our wellbeing. While we are more “connected” than ever, loneliness and anxiety are on the rise, and empathy and social wellbeing are on the decline. Today’s fractured environment has strained our social fabric like never before. Social media has been an accelerant, fueling both division and loneliness. And the global pandemic made it clear just how interconnected we are, and how much we need each other.

Daily Haloha was inspired by collaborative public experiences that unite anonymous strangers in an uplifting moment of shared humanity. We encountered sticky note walls with thousands of notes of inspiration, chalk boards that invite passersby to share their dreams, and gratitude trees filled with ribbons of thanks. We knew we had to make this magic available to anyone, anywhere, every day.

Our Commitment.

Thousands of people all over the globe are participating in our daily routine, and feeling like part of something bigger:
“For those who want to feel more connected to oneself and others – this app is a must! Engage in a little healthy self discovery while also getting the opportunity to learn from and learn about others.” – App Store Review

We are extending our platform so that communities – workplaces, municipalities, local organizations – can participate in our daily routine, together. Communities will be able to customize the experience for their participants and gain valuable insights from the community while they strengthen the bonds of belonging