Vivo is the premier online, live and interactive fitness program for people 55+; its members span those generations, from Baby Boomers all the way to those in their 80s. The Vivo program emphasizes building muscle strength, mobility and agility to maintain independence and confidence at any age. While classes are delivered live and remotely so members participate from the comfort of their own homes – avoiding the health risks of a brick-and-mortar health club – the welcoming, safe Vivo experience offers unique social engagement along with its health benefits. All Vivo classes have the same goal of fostering community while building and maintaining strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Its small group interactive personal training format allows for individual attention and customized workouts while members receive personalized attention from a certified trainer, skilled in working with older clients, who ensures that exercises are appropriately challenging and tailored for each individual. At the same time, the trainers work to establish community among the participants, a key element in maintaining a fitness regimen as well as a critical factor in preventing loneliness and social isolation among older people. As one of our expert trainers says, “We crack jokes, tell stories of our own lives and become a close-knit group of friends through this fitness process.”


Vivo is passionate about improving the lives of older adults. Loneliness and social isolation are associated with higher risks for a variety of physical and mental conditions. Since Vivo’s mission is to improve the health of older adults, we care greatly about addressing this epidemic. Research evidence finds that older adults who participate in group-based exercise programs obtain the physical benefits of exercise as well as experience improved social connectedness, while exercising in live online groups has been shown to reduce loneliness and isolation. Additionally, the muscle strength gains made by Vivo members improves their confidence, independence and mobility, encouraging them to be more social and engaged. We know that through participation in Vivo, members get stronger and more physically active. Our members experience greater than 25% increases in their strength and endurance, allowing them to fully participate and engage in social activities. As one Vivo member noted, “I can ride bikes with my grandkids. I would not be able to do that without Vivo.”

Our Commitment.

Engaging in activities with those who care about and support us provides motivation and accountability. The Vivo program, delivered in a small group environment, provides the unique benefit of exercising with a supportive community that people do not receive in large group fitness classes or prerecorded, on-demand online programs. The Vivo team also engages members in community-building programs beyond exercise. Our members come together for events such as book clubs, lectures on health topics and specialty classes. These opportunities provide even more social contacts and support; key strategies for reducing social isolation and loneliness. Vivo’s future goals are to continue to build out comprehensive programs to support the entire wellness journey of our members; exercise classes, nutritional supports, health education, and community-building activities to engage older adults and build optimal physical, mental, and cognitive health.

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